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With a name like Bharat, you can imagine how famous it is. And with so many fascinating things to see and do in this beautiful state, it's no wonder why Bharat Nagar is known as the heart of Mumbai. However, unlike other equally popular tourist destinations in Mumbai, Bharat Nagar is also famous for its beautiful heritage buildings.

There are several interesting historical buildings in this area. Some of the most amazing ones are the Clock Tower, the Ashoka Pillar, the Burla Mandir, and the Park Building. But for fun, the Gateway of India, the Marathi Church and Methodist Mission are some of the best attractions in Bharat Nagar.

Bharat Nagar has a lot of beautiful parks that have some of the most famous festivals. After a day of exploration, it will be difficult to forget the beautiful festivals held here. One of these is the Pongal Festival that is celebrated from October-November and the Kalinga Festival which is celebrated from October-November.Movie For Download

The other place you will surely like to visit is the historic Jain Temples, which has beautiful architecture. The Bhagwan Puran Maha Deva Temple, the Shri Ranganath Jha Maharaja Temple, and the Shri Avinash Temple are just some of the wonderful sites you will love to visit. The local wildlife is also very interesting, especially when it comes to taking photos. You can see dozens of endangered animals on your visit to Bharat Nagar.

A lot of the best food in India is served at some of the fine restaurants in Bharat Nagar. The restaurants offer a variety of cuisines such as, southern Indian, Punjabi, Nepali, Indian and others.

So if you are planning a trip to India, you can definitely find various tour packages that you can use to plan your trip. Bharat Nagar tours are recommended for tourists who like to take a quiet time, in between various activities and sightseeing that they do in India. They get the chance to learn about this beautiful city, while spending time in the comfort of their home.Movie For Download

The best part about going to Bharat Nagar is that it is located in the same city as New Delhi. While looking for a cheap tour package, make sure that you check out the departure and arrival time of the buses and trains that you need to take to reach the right location. You should also consider how far away you want to go for the tour.

So if you are looking for an exciting way to experience India, visit Bharat Nagar. Make sure that you take in as much culture as possible and learn about the fascinating history of this city. You will definitely enjoy your trip to this magnificent city.


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